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260+ carriers are interconnected, and approximately 30% are Enterprise & Retail Organizations.


2 Billion minutes of International Traffic transmit through our network each year!


We guarantee to route your traffic directly to the respective network operators with full CLI transmission.

Meet our Company


As of 2019, Last Mile Corp is terminating in excess of 1.5 Billion minutes of international traffic annually.  Projections for 2020 indicate that we will continue with our impressive growth and will ultimately surpass the 2 Billion minute mark before the end of the year.


Established in 2007, Last Mile Corp. is a boutique provider of International and Domestic switched voice services to the worlds’ most important telecommunication operators and VoIP retail service providers.

Financial Strength

Last Mile Corp. has a very experienced staff, each of whom have a minimum of 7 years of experience and located in 6 different countries around the world.  Our team of Regional Managers locally based in an effort to better serve the partners we work with on a daily basis.


Last Mile Corp. has focused its efforts on building strategic relationships with incumbent operators, MNO’s and other Local Licensed Operators. These relationships allow us to transport millions of international calls each day at premium levels of quality and affordable pricing.

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